I like to look at the big picture. The big picture will constantly keep you focused on your goals. The big picture also shows you how all the pieces fit together.

During my production career, I faced many challenges– changing production formats, new technological advances, and the changing temperment of suppliers and even employees.

As I solved each problem– creative, technical, financial, I made a mental note to not do the next time what we had done to create the problem I built a set of rules that helped me help my clients, deliver great creative, and stay competitive in the marketplace.


I like teachers. I remember clearly the ones that encouraged me toward my goal of something audio-visual.

I was lucky enough to teach of semester on visual communications at Marquette University, where my business was located. That was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I even hired one of my students!

“Someday, I will do this again,” I said to myself.

TVL Seminar at Brien Lee Creative Solutions office, 1995

Alas, that never happened.

But I did teach my staffs over the years, and did offer some group training seminars for new editing equipment that had emerged in the marketplace. Once again, this was very rewarding… even clients and competitors attended!

Real Life Experience

Brien Lee at TVL Seminar, Phoenix, Arizona 1997

Through the years I wished there had been a book that offered real world knowledge about the ups and downs of making a career or starting a business in video production… something beyond the “winging it” method my partner and I were up against at the dawn of video communications!

The Video Biz Book

As I approached retirement age (although I’m not exactly retired) I realized I had to write that book. I would describe the book as non-clinical, confessional, anecdotal, and real-life. It is all based on real experiences in the production biz, from starting up, to being creative to methods of organization, to work flow, to client handling and to popping the cork of success.

Do you have a story you want to share? Chime in below, and thanks for being here.


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