I’m proud to announce that the VideoBiz Book is now available on Amazon.

This book looks at the challenges of starting up or growing a video business, whether that business in serving, corporates, the home market, or something in between.

I started four different businesses in my career. I left my first business, a slide show business (yes, this existed), to get into video. I sold my second business and took a management position with a video equipment supplier for two years (I had a no-compete clause). This taught me a lot from the equipment side of things. After that, I joined a competitor to build up that company’s high end business. After the owner of that company retired and closed the business, I was encouraged by my Walgreens client, Dave Harnish, to start up again so I and some associates could continue to serve his big meeting video needs. That was 20 years ago.

Walgreens Wide Screen Meeting 1997

It goes without saying I learned a lot. There were plenty of successes, and a few failures. As a creative first, and business person second, I learned an incredible amount about both ends of the business. The creative stuff I taught to my staff, and many of those lessons are in the book. The business stuff are lessons that have stayed with me until now, and maybe they are things you already know… but you haven’t heard it from my perspective.

The Video Biz Book

This book is my perspective, and there are plenty of real life examples and case histories attached. There is an appendix full of resources, from quote sheets to creative proposals, to music libraries and video info sources.

As I write this, February 2nd, 2019, I have schedule this book to be free on the 4th and 5th of February. I encourage you to download it and give it at least the once-over. There are lessons in their for everyone! Improve your creative and avoid business pitfalls with The VideoBiz Book ebook on Amazon. (Paperback should be ready by late next week.)


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