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A look at income levels for various types of video jobs.

A discussion of wedding videos.


The best place for fast delivery and comprehensive product offerings. Competitive prices. OEM offerings for batteries, chargers, cables. Wide range of new and used camera equipment, protected by Amazon’s return guarantee.

A look at do-it-yourself techniques for making add-on gear for video cameras and audio, like stabilizers, lighting rigs, etc.

Although there is an emphasis on independent film (commercial), there are plenty of gear reviews and comparisons as well as discussions of story techniques.

News and discussion forums dedicated to the video production pro.

One of the few remaining video production magazines directed at the “prosumer.”

Video discussion forums.

Forums of technical discussions about compressing video, making DVDs and other distribution issues.

The front page of Videohelp, with info to help you to make your own DVD, Blu-ray, AVI, MKV, MP4 that can be played on your mobile, standalone DVD player, Blu-ray player, media center or portable device from any video sources like online video, DVD, AVCHD, VHS, DV or downloaded movies like MKV, MP4, WMV, AVI.

A home for users of DSLR cameras in video production.

If you’re developing an online presence, you’ll probably end up using WordPress. Thrive Themes makes a theme that is versatile and directed to the small business owner, with modules for collecting leads, creating training, direct mailing, marketing and many other aspects all necessary to sell yourself.

More forums.

A discussion of the use of video on the internet with news of trends affecting streaming video.

Founded online in 1997, this site offers comprehensive discussions and training on all things video.

For creators of tribute or commemorative videos, this Facebook group offers tips and discussion.

For freelancers of all stripes.

Video, Audio, Photo, Graphics Libraries

The following are libraries I have used. There are four types:

  • Free or Public Domain
  • Paid by One Time Fee or Purchased Credits
  • All You Can Eat
  • Comprehensive (offers all types for one price)



Incredible library of military and war footage.

Free, with searching to see if they have what you want. If they don’t, they link you to Shutterstock, a paid library.

A wealth of public domain footage, in a number of different libraries. Highly recommended: The Prelinger Archives, which features old tv, old industrial films, and other footage from which historical shots can be extracted to fill out a company history or tribute video.


Finished and editable music, free when you give credit or $.99

Totally free music archive featuring new artists looking for exposure.


Excellent free library for fill-in photos.

Great for dramatic photos of natural vistas, plus many other types.

Offers free vector art, photos, video.

Excellent source for illustrations and artwork. Offers many free files, but some require you to upgrade to a 9.99 / month fee to download “premium” files.



A very good video library. We’ve completely meeting openers with their stock footage only. But you have to have a good budget— cuts range from $65 to $179 per clip, depending on resolution (SD, HD, or 4K)

A good library with a wide range of pricing depending on resolution. For instance, a clip of a plastic bottle floating under the ocean waterline ranges in price from $20-$100.


Traditional “by the cut” music library, traditional cinematic music but very good.

Part of the Envato Library, charges from $1 to $25 per cut.

The granddaddy of all music libraries, and priced more for corporate and Hollywood markets than the little guy, but worth knowing about. This was our main music source, and fees for corporate use ran anywhere from $70 / cut, to $200 / cut and up. You won’t know what the charge will be until you pick the music and fill out a form, or call “your representative” at APM. The fee depends on the use and venue.


Excellent photo library that offers a subscription plan for $29 / month, which as slows you 30 downloads / moth, with $1 per image if you exceed that.

All You Can Eat


$16.58 / month billed annually. Basic, decent library of stock elements, but often links to paid libraries when they don’t have what you’re looking for.


Music, sound effects for $12.41 /month billed annually. Decent music.

An excellent all you can eat library for $135 / year. Good interface for selecting the type, meter, and orchestration you want. Plenty of rock, plenty of traditional

Photo (click on “images” link upper left-hand corner)

$9/month billed annually. Good selection, but often links to paid libraries when they don’t have what you’re looking for.

Comprehensive (offers all kinds of files)

Comprehensive library of Video, Photo, Illustration, Font, Audio, Animation, 3D and web elements. Flat monthly fee of $29-$33 / month. If you can afford it, this is an excellent way to go. (StoryBlocks)

On this pricing page, note the Unlimited Pro option to the right, which combines Photo, Video, Audio libraries for 29.08 / month billed annually.

This listing just scratches the surface; a Google search for “Video Stock Footage”, “Photo Library”, or “Music Library” will get you dozens of additional listings which I have not used.


There are too many to list, so let me note a few that are good starting points. These are companies that specialize in video and photography gear.:

They have literally everything via mail order or at their New York City store. Very competitive prices.

They specialize in DV prosumer-level gear and are a great educational resource as well.

In addition to hardware and software add-ons, they build custom PCs and also sell Macs ready for video editing.

Amazon has a wide range of pro and semi-pro equipment, from audio to video, frequent specials, and free shipping with Amazon Prime.



Outliners are many, varied, and a real matter of personal choice. Almost all of these have free demos to try out. If you like concepting and brainstorming, then you’ll love downloading these and trying them out.






Action Outliner


My Info

Mac and PC

ConceptDraw Mindmap

Powerpoint (in Outline View)

Little Outliner



Cloud Outliner


Action Items

Opal (based on Acta)



Samples and Case Histories

The following is a listing of pertinent video samples on our unlisted video site on YouTube. Clicking on the address below will bring you directly to the video you want to see.

For each video, there is a detailed case history provided in the information box below the video. On YouTube, be sure to click on “Show More” for the complete story.


Irvington High School Class of 1985 Reunion (Class Tribute)


The Milwaukee Rep at 50 (History Video with Interviews of Actors Directors, Patrons and Historical Video and Photos)


Mercury: 50 Years of Leadership (Anniversary Video with Wealth of Historical Footage)


Mr. & Mrs. Kern (Generac) (Tribute to Retiring Executive)


Walgreens: 100 Years in 100 Seconds (Meeting Opener)


Matamoras Veterans Memorial Park (Tribute to the Veterans of Pike County, PA and Overview of Memorial)


Jen and Greg Excerpt (Their Story, shown at Wedding Reception)


Chelsea Commons: The Day The Music Died

AnneMarie’s Engagement (excerpt)


AnneMarie’s 60th Birthday (Excerpt)


Mumsie (Nancy Cooper Riley Lee (excerpt)


Cafe Verde


Cafe Verde in the Community


A Day (and Night) at Cafe Verde


Author’s Supplemental Materials and direct links available at

Specific Equipment Recommendations