If you’re trying to reach potential customers, you have two ways to do it: digital and physical.

If you’re young, you probably know about digital. Facebook groups, Instagram, websites, Reddit…. and if you’re older, you’re more comfortable with the physical (in person) approach. Joining clubs, attending functions, taking out booth space at business conferences, direct mail, and that old favorite– cold calling.

Of course, a mix of the two is the correct choice. I must emphasise to those younger (much younger) than me… making REAL contact involves you showing up somewhere in person and having a business card ready.

A short conversation, a request to follow up, an exchange of business cards… BAM! You’ve got a lead.

This doesn’t matter whether you’re into corporate work or consumer work. People don’t like talking to machines, and the web is full of noise, so people are for more cynical about things they can’t see with their own eyes in real life (IRL). Any personal contact can become a lead! Even at Karaoke!



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