Welcome to the home of The VideoBiz Book, a practical and reality-based start-up guide that gives you the foundation and resources you will need to navigate today’s competetive video production landscape.

Real World Insight

The Whole Video Biz Magilla

From business idea, to startup, to getting your first client, to creative and production techniques, to final product delivery, it’s all here.

Starting Up

From early idea to actual business, we’ll face reality together.

The Creative Process

Whether you write scripts or not, you have to understand them. They represent the words, sights and sounds of your project.

Client Relationships

Read how to develop good relationships with your clients, how to grow with them, and how to handle them.

Case Histories

We were there for forty years. We share our successes…. and failures. And you get access to our library of past videos.

Developing an Identity

How do you want the world to know– and find– you?

Production Tools

What are your strength, and what gear do you need to tell your story, your way?

Marketing and Sales

There’s only two kinds of business– repeat business, and new business. Here, you’ll learn some techniques and plans to keep the business rolling.

Resource Library

Sample proposals, quote sheets, scripts, library & public domain sources for audio, photos and video. Ongoing tutorials.

Bootcamp in a Book

We cover basic foundations to sophisticated production techniques, in all areas of your business, from startup considerations to handling explosive growth. It’s all based on the author’s real world experience of starting three businesses, developing a reel, getting the first job, finding clients, developing repeat business, and the internal strengths you need to succeed in the Video Biz.

Learn by Doing

Buyers get exclusive access to our video library and ongoing tutorials.

Scriptwriting. Shooting. Audio. Editing. Pacing. The VideoBiz Book provides insights into them all. But Seeing how it’s done cuts time out of your business development. Having access to lists of production resources helps. And real life case histories puts the icing on the learning cake.

Build your portfolio

There’s nothing harder than getting your first job. 

When you’re starting out, you have virtually nothing. You have to get past that, one step at a time. We tell you how we did it, which was a challenge since our startup wasn’t even part of the country we grew up in! Well tell you how to find a “starter” client, how to get the word out, how to use publicity, word of mouth, person-to-person exposure, the web, social media to get your name out there! 

Achieve your goals

It doesn’t matter your age or IQ, your education or your bank account, you have as good a chance as the next, person. This book will give you the shorthand you need to be a video-making success.


The Author

Brien Lee has been in the media production business for 40 years. He has performed most every job in the video producing, from writing scripts, to soundtrack creation, to video editing, to directing live stage extravaganzas. His unique takes on creative and business matters help inform this book, which details the life cycle of a video business to help new producers start-up.

"Brien is the Master When It Comes to Storytelling...

He knows what a client needs before the client knows they need it. It was a privilege to work with him and learn from the best. No matter the medium, a good story is a good story – and Brien can go right to the heart of it to make you laugh, make you cry, make you laugh until you cry, make you think, make you open your wallet, make you change your mind, whatever you want your story to do.”

I give Brien and his firm my highest recommendation without reservation

They executed a short video 3-5 minutes on time, on budget and with great narrative effect on a short time frame. Great experience in the field which works to the client’s advantage. Understands that video must work for the client — not just for their own creative portfolio. A pleasure to work with — high integrity.

Brien Lee is a creative inspiration when you need to develop a video or media solution

His crew of talented video imagineers and video production experts always made a video project contain that distinctive creative impact. The videos he produced for Mercury Marine and the media strategies he developed for organizations were ahead of their time and state of the art.



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